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Leatrix Latency Fix


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Leatrix Latency Fix against the terms of service for any online games?
  • No. It's completely safe to use.
Does Leatrix Latency Fix work with tunneling services?
  • No. Besides, tunneling services are best avoided as they reroute game traffic and that can look suspicious to some games.
Does Leatrix Latency Fix change or mask my IP address?
  • No.
Does Leatrix Latency Fix work with wireless networks?
  • Yes but you will get better results from a wired connection.
Which games does Leatrix Latency Fix support?
  • It will work with any application which uses the TCP protocol to transfer data.
Can I install Leatrix Latency Fix without restarting my computer?
  • Yes but you'll need to disable and re-enable your network card manually after the installation.
Is this spyware, a Trojan or any other nasty thing?
  • No. To make sure your copy is safe and genuine, always download it from
Do I need Administrator rights to run Leatrix Latency Fix?
  • Yes. If you don't have them, you will be prompted for the credentials of an account that does.
The program reports that no gateway was detected.
  • Uninstall and reinstall your network card in Device Manager to force a refresh of the Windows networking settings.
The program reports that it is only partially installed.
    If you have recently added a new network card or modem, remove the program, install it again and restart your computer. If you are using a USB modem, try using the Windows dialer instead of the one that came with the modem. If not, another program may be reversing the network change that Leatrix Latency Fix makes.
I see an error stating that my Windows account doesn't have Administrator rights.
  • Extract the download to an empty folder, right-click the program and click 'Run as Administrator'. If this doesn't solve the issue, install the program from 'Safe Mode with Networking'.
I see an error stating that the application configuration is incorrect.
  • If you are using Windows XP or Windows Vista, download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable package here.
I see an error stating that some files cannot be found.
  • Extract the downloaded zip file to an empty, local folder and run the program from there. Don't try to run it from the zip file or from a network share.

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