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Leatrix Latency Fix


Mac Guide

Leatrix Latency Fix isn't supported on Macs. However, you can achieve lower latency in OSX by entering the following command in a terminal window. This will disable delayed acknowledgements until you restart your computer.

sudo sysctl -w net.inet.tcp.delayed_ack=0

To disable them permanently, create a text file under "/etc/" called "sysctl.conf" and copy/paste the following line then restart your computer.


To set things back to default, just delete the "sysctl.conf" file and restart your computer.

If you're not familiar with /etc, it's actually a symbolic link which goes to /private/etc. This is a hidden root folder which isn't normally visible in the Finder.

To be able to see hidden folders in the Finder, open up a terminal window and type the following:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE

Then restart the Finder. To do that, hold down the option key then click and hold on the Finder icon in the dock. When the context menu appears, click Relaunch and the Finder will restart. You should now see all the hidden folders in the Finder, including /etc (either find the Symbolic Link or the actual folder which is inside /private).

When you're done and you want to hide the hidden folders again, bring up a terminal window and enter the following:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles FALSE

Then restart the Finder in the same way as before. The hidden folders should now be hidden again.

Hidden folders contain critical system configuration files so be careful that you don't delete or move anything by mistake while they are visible in the Finder.

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