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8.2.00 - 25th June 2019
  • Updated for World of Warcraft patch 8.2.
  • Added new map reveal data for 'Mechagon' and 'Nazjtar'.
  • Added a configuration panel for the map reveal option which allows you to toggle the reveal tint and change its color and transparency. The default tint settings have changed (previous tint was R:1, G:0, B:0, T:0.4 if you want to keep using it).
  • Fixed a minor issue which caused two areas in Darkshore (The Dredge and Veiled Sea) to be incorrectly revealed.


8.1.04 - 19th June 2019
  • You must restart your game client after installing this update. It won't work otherwise.
  • Coordinates are no longer included. TomTom is a good alternative with a useful waypoint system.
  • The reveal map toggle button has been removed.
  • None of the options require a UI reload now.
  • The map reveal data file (Leatrix_Maps_Reveal.lua) is now completely automatically generated.
8.1.03 - 24th April 2019
  • Added the Stormwind portal to the Exodar map.
  • Added the Orgrimmar portal to the Silvermoon map.
  • Added the Caverns of Time portal to the Shattrath map (only shown if your character has revered reputation with Keepers of Time).
  • Added the Scarab Coffer locations to the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj map.
  • Added the Large Scarab Coffer locations to the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj map.
  • Removed the Ironforge and Darnassus portals from the Stormshield map.
  • Removed the Thunder Bluff and Undercity portals from the Warspear map.
  • Faction specific portals (The Exodar, Stormshield, Silvermoon and Warspear) will now only show if you are logged into a character of the required faction.
8.1.02 - 13th March 2019
  • Reverted addon code back to last alpha (8.1.01.alpha.2).
  • The miscellaneous options to disable map fade and the reading emote are now enabled by default.
8.1.01 - 12th March 2019
  • Updated for World of Warcraft patch 8.1.5. You can install this release before the patch goes live if you wish.
  • The reveal button (and the option to toggle it) and the option to toggle the red tint have been removed. The red tint is now always shown if the reveal option is checked.
  • Map reveal will no longer use any resources at all if the option is unchecked. Toggling the option now requires a UI reload.
  • The miscellaneous options to disable map fade and the reading emote are now enabled by default.
8.1.00 - 12th December 2018
  • Updated for World of Warcraft patch 8.1.


8.0.07 - 29th August 2018
  • Fixed a relatively rare bug which caused the coordinates frame to disappear under certain circumstances.
8.0.06 - 22nd August 2018
  • Like many map addons, Leatrix Maps may (rarely) cause a stop error which will prevent you from clicking any objective tracker quest items until you reload your UI. If a stop error does occur, Leatrix Maps will now show a popup alert with a reload button making it easy to get back to the game. The stop error itself is harmless and you should rarely see it.
8.0.05 - 13th August 2018
  • Added 'The Wandering Isle' to map reveal.
8.0.04 - 8th August 2018
  • Added a new setting to show revealed unexplored areas with a red tint. It's enabled by default.
  • Added a new setting to show character coordinates with a large font. It's disabled by default.
  • Added The Veiled Stair and Twilight Highlands (phased) to map reveal.
8.0.03 - 1st August 2018
  • You must restart your game client after installing this update.
  • Leatrix Maps now has a configuration panel. Enter /ltm to access it. Some options require UI reloads so that code for options that you are not using can be skipped on startup (saving memory and increasing performance).
  • You can now hide the reveal button, location icons and coordinates if you wish. You can toggle map reveal using the reveal button or a setting in the configuration panel.
  • Added 'Disable map fade while moving' and 'Disable reading emote when opening the map'. These options were not moved over from Leatrix Plus initially because Leatrix Maps didn't have a configuration panel at the time.
  • Added a few slash commands. You can enter /ltm reset to reset the configuration panel position, /ltm wipe to wipe the settings and reload and /ltm help to show the commands available. You can use /leamaps instead of /ltm if you prefer.
  • The map reveal button status is now saved between login sessions.
8.0.02 - 25th July 2018
  • Fixed a bug which caused a Lua error when showing the Searing Gorge or Burning Steppes maps.
8.0.01 - 23rd July 2018
  • Added Suramar portals. They will show up if you have completed the required quests.
  • Added Ashran portals.
  • Added translations for zhCN, zhTW, ruRU and koKR.
8.0.00 - 22nd July 2018
  • Initial release.