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General Information

Wow is showing an addon blocked (taint) error.
  • This is something that many map addons suffer from since Wow patch 8.x. It's unavoidable so when it happens (which shouldn't be very often), just reload your UI.
Why do some settings require a UI reload?
  • So that code for settings that you aren't using is skipped on startup (reducing memory usage and increasing performance).
Why do the character coordinates not show all the time?
  • For performance reasons, character coordinates are calculated using the world map so they are only accurate when the map matches the zone that your character is in. When your character's location does not match the world map, character coordinates will be hidden. Character coordinates will also be hidden when you enter an instance due to a restriction in the game API.
How often are updates released?
  • Final releases will be made available via CurseForge and Wowinterface on a Wednesday unless an urgent bug fix is needed or a major game patch is imminent. Alpha releases (used for testing before code changes are merged into a final release) will be made available anytime on CurseForge only. It's not necessary to install alpha releases unless you really want to.
Wasn't map enhancement originally included with Leatrix Plus?
  • Yes but due to the massive changes to the maps API in Battle for Azeroth, it was necessary to convert the Leatrix Plus map code into a standalone addon.

Developer Information

I am a developer. Can I open Leatrix Maps from within my addon code?
  • Yes, just use SlashCmdList["Leatrix_Maps"]("").

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