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Leatrix Plus



Leatrix Plus contains lots of quality of life improvements for World of Warcraft. It's modular, fast and efficient. All options are saved account-wide so you can set it and forget it.

Here's some of the things that it does.
  • Automation - Lots of automation for party management, blocking, death, summon, automatically repair (with guild funds option), automatically sell junk, accept and turn-in quests.
  • Chat - Hide chat buttons, use class coloring, show the editbox at the top of the chat frame, disable chat fade, use arrow keys in chat, disable sticky chat.
  • Spam - Block error frame spam (with filter), block zone text, block emote sounds while resting.
  • Convenience - Add controls to the character sheet (such as durability report, volume control and show helm/cloak).
  • Game Enhancements - Remove raid restrictions, save dungeon roles with your talent spec, show coordinates in a movable frame, show customised spell cooldown icons.
  • UI Enhancements - Add useful controls to the auction house, automatically toggle nameplates.
  • Accessibility - Change quest detail text size, mail text size and rescale many frames to make them easier to see.
  • World Map - Reveal unexplored areas, show coordinates.
  • Minimap - Rescale the minimap, show or hide various features, use the mousewheel to zoom.
  • Tooltip - Add color coding to tooltip elements (such as class color and level color), show target of target, rescale the tooltip.
  • Viewport - Create a viewport consisting of either simple borders or a resized game world.
  • Frames - Move and rescale a selection of frames, hide certain Blizzard frames (such as the stance bar).
  • Graphics - Hide various effects such as the death effect and screen glow, add a rare or elite chain to the player frame.

... and lots more!

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