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Leatrix Plus (Classic)


Addon errors

The minimap or objective tracker are positioned incorrectly or do not show at all.
  • If you have Titan Panel installed, go into Titan Panel options, check 'Disable Minimap Adjust' ('Top Bars' menu) and reload your UI. This should resolve the issue. Alternatively, uncheck the 'Customise minimap' option in Leatrix Plus ('Interface' menu) and click the reload button.
The option settings are lost (or partially lost) after a reload.
  • This suggests that the addon is not loading correctly due to a conflict with another addon. Disable all other addons to see if that fixes the problem. If it does, enable your other addons gradually until you find the addon causing the problem. Keep in mind that Leatrix Plus is fully modular so option code will only be run for options that you have specifically enabled.
I'm experiencing issues with my chat frame.
  • The simplest way forward is to use the /resetchat command. This will reset the chat settings for the character that you are logged in with. The chat settings are saved by Wow (not Leatrix Plus) on a per character basis.
How do I report an automation issue with a specific unit (such as a quest-giver)?
  • Please submit a ticket with the details and include the unit ID in your ticket. To get the ID, target the unit and enter /ltp id. If your report is confirmed, the relevant automation will be disabled for that unit. Note that quests which have a gold, currency or crafting reagent requirement will not be turned-in automatically.
The 'Social' menu options that exclude guild members fail to exclude a specific guild member.
  • If the guild member has recently joined the guild, they may need to refresh the guild roster for the 'Social' menu options to work with them. They can do this by opening the guild window (default keybind is J) or by reloading their UI.
The 'Automate gossip' option ('Automation' menu) doesn't work if there is a quest option in the gossip window.
  • This is by design. Gossip will only be selected automatically if there are no quest options in the gossip window.
TradeSkillMaster doesn't work when the 'Faster auto-loot' option ('System' menu) is enabled.
  • Addons which rely on the traditional looting window (such as TradeSkillMaster) will not work correctly if 'Faster auto-loot' is enabled because looting is initiated before the loot window shows up. If you don't want to remove other addons, your only choice is to disable 'Faster auto-loot'.
With 'Manage tooltip' enabled ('Interface' menu), tooltips are not modified for out of range units.
  • This is by design. Leatrix Plus completely ignores out of range units because it's better for performance. It can also be advantageous. For example, if you zone into a dungeon, you can instantly see who hasn't zoned in with you because their out of range tooltip will be unmodified.
A Lua error is displayed.
  • One of your existing addons is probably preventing an option in Leatrix Plus from working as intended. Disable other addons and enable them gradually to find the offending addon then uninstall it. Alternatively, you can simply uncheck the conflicting option in Leatrix Plus. If you require support, submit a ticket (include the error details).

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