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Leatrix Plus (Classic)


How to use Leatrix Plus

Leatrix Plus is a quality of life addon for World of Warcraft. It offers many features to enhance the game and is fast, efficient and modular. This guide explains how to use it.

The Options Panel

Leatrix Plus has practically nothing enabled by default. In order to enable options and make use of the features that the addon provides, you need to configure it. Configuration is very straight forward and is done via the options panel. Most options are simple checkbox controls.

To launch the options panel, click the minimap button. The options panel will appear looking something like this.

The Reload Button

A lot of options can simply be checked on or off and you will see the results instantly. However, some options require a UI reload before any changes take effect. Where this is the case, the option will be suffixed with a * and the tooltip will advise you that a UI reload is required.

When a UI reload is needed, the reload button will appear at the bottom of the options panel, like this.

This is to signify that you need to reload your UI before the changes you have made take effect. You don't need to click the reload button as soon as you see it, you can finish making changes to the options first and then click the reload button when you want those changes to take effect.

The reason why UI reloads are needed is because they enable Leatrix Plus to be modular in design. Option code is typically only run for options that are enabled.

Configuration Panels

Some options have additional configuration panels which become available when the option is enabled. Where an option has a configuration panel available, you will see a configuration button next to the option itself, like this.

Note that the configuration button will only be clickable after you have enabled the option and (if needed) clicked the reload button.

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