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Leatrix Plus


Slash Commands

Commands are generally used for miscellaneous tasks rather than configuring the addon itself.

Basic commands

  • /ltp or /leaplus - Toggle the options panel. This has the same effect as left-clicking the minimap button.

Character commands

  • /ltp char rest - Print the number of rested experience bubbles that your character has remaining.
  • /ltp char hk - Print the number of lifetime honourable kills for your character.
  • /ltp char exit - Exits a vehicle. Useful if the vehicle exit button is missing for some reason.

Reset commands

  • /ltp reset panel - Reset the options panel position. The panel position is saved account-wide so you can use this command if it disappears from view or something.
  • /ltp reset gfx - Restart the graphics subsystem. This can be used when modifying certain graphics related console variables using the chat interface. This command is not required for any of the options in Leatrix Plus.
  • /ltp reset wipe - Wipe ALL user settings.  Your UI will be reloaded.
  • /ltp reset uninstall - version 6.x only - Wipe ALL user settings and disable the addon.

Addon commands

  • /ltp addon <addon name> - Toggle the enabled state of <addon name>. The name that you enter is the same as the addon folder name (in the Wow addons folder). For example, '/ltp addon bartender4'. Entering this command will reload your UI.
  • /ltp addon zygor - Toggle the enabled state for the Zygor addon. This is given its own command because it's highly likely that you would want to disable this addon when not required (since it uses so many resources). You can also hold down CTRL/SHIFT and left-click the minimap button to toggle Zygor.

Debug commands

  • /ltp debug log - Show combat log frame information (mostly useful for seeing the docked status if the combat log is hidden).
  • /ltp debug frame - Toggle the frame information window. This will show you the names of whatever global frames your pointer is hovering over. Note that almost all Leatrix Plus frames are local so will only be identified by their internal ID.
  • /ltp debug privacy - version 6.x only - Show privacy status.  This is just for confirmation purposes as privacy is always enabled on startup.

Shortcut commands

  • /rl - Reloads the UI. No more, no less.

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