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Leatrix Plus


Slash Commands

This is a list of commands available in Leatrix Plus. You can use /leaplus instead of /ltp if you prefer.

Admin Commands

These commands allow you to configure the addon.
  • /ltp - Launch the options panel.
  • /ltp reset - Reset the options panel position, scale and transparency (reloads the UI).
  • /ltp wipe - Wipe all user settings (reloads the UI).

Useful Commands

These commands perform useful functions.
  • /ltp rest - Show number of rested bubbles remaining.
  • /ltp quest <id> - Show whether a quest has been completed.
  • /ltp hk - Show number of lifetime honorable kills for your character.
  • /ltp grid - Toggle a frame alignment grid.
  • /ltp id - Show the unit ID of the currently targeted NPC (requires an NPC target).
  • /ltp zygor - Toggle the Zygor addon enabled state (reloads UI).

Other Commands

These commands are not related to the addon.
  • /rl - Reload the UI.

Debug and Developer Commands

These commands are only included here for completeness. Use them if you wish.
  • /ltp taint <level> - Configure taint logging. Valid levels are 0 (disabled), 1 (basic) and 2 (full). If level is omitted, the current taint level is shown.
  • /ltp event - Toggle event tracing. A few spammy events are excluded.
  • /ltp achieve - Show an achievement alert (used for testing).
  • /ltp config - Print some configuration information (mostly variables).
  • /ltp list - List the frames under the mouse pointer.
  • /ltp chk - List localised strings which have been truncated due to their length.
  • /ltp play <file> - Play a sound file. Use single slashes without quotes for filename.
  • /ltp team <team> - Assign a battle pet team. Used with the 'Show pet save button' option.

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