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Leatrix Plus


Slash Commands

This is a list of commands available in Leatrix Plus. You can use /leaplus instead of /ltp if you prefer.

Admin Commands

These commands allow you to configure the addon.
  • /ltp - Launch the options panel.
  • /ltp reset - Reset the options panel position, scale and transparency.
  • /ltp wipe - Wipe all user settings. There is no confirmation. Your UI will be reloaded.

Useful Commands

These commands perform useful functions.
  • /ltp realm - Show realms that are connected to the realm you are playing on.
  • /ltp rest - Show number of rested bubbles remaining.
  • /ltp quest <id> - Show whether a quest has been completed.
  • /ltp hk - Show number of lifetime honorable kills for your character.
  • /ltp grid - Toggle a frame alignment grid.
  • /ltp id - Show the unit ID of the currently targeted NPC (requires an NPC target).
  • /ltp zygor - Toggle the Zygor addon enabled state (reloads UI).
  • /ltp movie <id> - Play a movie by its ID.
  • /ltp enigma - Show a solution frame for the Enigmatic quest.
  • /ltp marker - Block raid target marker icons placed on your character (toggle). To work in a raid group, you need to be assistant or leader.
  • /ltp af - Toggle AutoFollow. This will cause your character to follow your target persistently (so it won't break with mounts, range, death, portals, etc). It lasts until you enter the command a second time to cancel it.
  • /ltp rsnd - Restart the sound system.
  • /ltp con - Launch the developer console (with a large font).

Other Commands

These commands are not related to the addon.
  • /rl - Reload the UI.

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