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Leatrix Plus


Slash Commands

Commands are generally used for miscellaneous tasks rather than configuring the addon itself.

Basic commands

  • /ltp or /leaplus - Toggle the options panel. This has the same effect as left-clicking the minimap button.

Character commands

  • /ltp char rest - Print the number of rested experience bubbles remaining.
  • /ltp char hk - Print the number of lifetime honourable kills for your character.
  • /ltp char exit - Exit a vehicle.

Reset commands

  • /ltp reset panel - Reset the Leatrix Plus options panel position.
  • /ltp reset wipe - Wipe ALL user settings and reload the UI.

Addon commands

  • /ltp addon <addon> - Toggle the enabled state of <addon> and reload the UI.  The addon name is the addon's folder name.

Debug commands

  • /ltp debug log - Show combat log data.
  • /ltp debug sharing - Show sharing data.

Shortcut commands

  • /rl - Reload the UI.

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