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Leatrix Plus


Slash Commands

This is a list of commands available in Leatrix Plus. You can use /leaplus instead of /ltp if you prefer.

Admin Commands

These commands allow you to configure the addon.
  • /ltp - Launch the options panel.
  • /ltp reset - Reset the options panel position, scale and transparency.
  • /ltp wipe - Wipe all user settings. There is no confirmation. Your UI will be reloaded.

Useful Commands

These commands perform useful functions.
  • /ltp rest - Show number of rested bubbles remaining.
  • /ltp quest <id> - Show whether a quest has been completed.
  • /ltp hk - Show number of lifetime honorable kills for your character.
  • /ltp grid - Toggle a frame alignment grid.
  • /ltp id - Show the unit ID of the currently targeted NPC (requires an NPC target).
  • /ltp zygor - Toggle the Zygor addon enabled state (reloads UI).
  • /ltp movie <id> - Play a movie by its ID.
  • /ltp enigma - Show a solution frame for the Enigmatic quest.
  • /ltp marker - Block raid target marker icons placed on your character (toggle). To work in a raid group, you need to be assistant or leader.
  • /ltp af - Toggle AutoFollow. This will cause your character to follow your target persistently (so it won't break with mounts, range, death, portals, etc). It lasts until you enter the command a second time to cancel it.

Other Commands

These commands are not related to the addon.
  • /rl - Reload the UI.

Debug and Developer Commands

These commands are only included here for completeness. Use them if you wish.
  • /ltp taint [level] - Configure taint logging. Valid levels are 0 (disabled), 1 (basic logging) and 2 (full logging). Using 2 will reduce performance. If level is omitted, the current taint level is shown.
  • /ltp event - Toggle event tracing. A few spammy events are excluded.
  • /ltp config - Print some configuration information (mostly variables).
  • /ltp list - List the frames under the mouse pointer.
  • /ltp play <id> - Play a sound kit.
  • /ltp stop - Stop playing a sound kit (only works with /ltp play).
  • /ltp team <team> - Assign a battle pet team. Used with the 'Show pet save button' option.
  • /ltp nosave - Don't overwrite LeaPlusDB on next reload (used by developers).
  • /ltp cv <cvar> - Print the current setting of a console variable.
  • /ltp tipchat - Print the contents of a currently showing tooltip.
  • /ltp mountid <mount name> - Print the mount ID. You can enter all or part of the mount name.
  • /ltp petid <pet name> - Print the pet ID. You can enter all or part of the pet name. Note that only pets which are owned and currently visible in the pet journal will be searched.
  • /ltp con - Launch the developer console (with a large font).
  • /ltp cin - Show the opening cinematic (only works for a brand new character with no experience points).

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