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Leatrix Plus


General errors

I'm getting an error since installing Leatrix Plus.
  • Another addon is probably conflicting with one of the options.  Disable all other addons and enable them again gradually until you find the addon that is causing the conflict.  You can then either disable the conflicting addon or uncheck the conflicting option in Leatrix Plus.
I cannot launch the options panel.
  • Enter /run leatrix("reset") (in lower case, exactly as shown) to reset the panel position then try again.  If you still cannot launch the panel, close Wow completely and delete the Leatrix Plus configuration files (Wow\WTF\Account\AccountName\SavedVariables\Leatrix_Plus.lua and Leatrix_Plus.lua.bak) then relaunch Wow then try again.
I only see an error with Leatrix Plus enabled so is Leatrix Plus the cause of it?
  • Not necessarily. Disable all other addons and check if the error persists with only Leatrix Plus enabled. If it does not, the problem is a conflict with one of your other addons.
My error reporting addon (such as BugSack or Swatter) is reporting a problem with Leatrix Plus.
  • Error reporting addons can produce false positives and even be the cause of UI errors themselves so I don't recommend using them.  The default UI can show Lua errors (using a toggle checkbox in Blizzard's interface Help menu).  That said, if you feel the error is genuine, please report it.

I am unable to download Leatrix Plus from Wowinterface.

  • There is a mirror archive folder here.  This link is subject to change so please don't share it elsewhere.

Addon errors

The coordinates disappear while the world map is showing.
  • This is by design.  When the map is being shown, coordinates will be temporarily hidden to prevent unwanted changes to the map.
I am instantly dropped from groups when I am invited.
  • If you have oQueue installed (or any addon which automates group invites), the party automation options in Leatrix Plus ('Automation' menu) and the option to block friend requests ('Blocking' menu) should not be enabled as they might conflict.
The option to remove raid restrictions doesn't work.
  • The party leader needs to invite the low level characters to a party first and then convert the party to a raid. If the convert to raid option doesn't work, the whole group should do a UI reload (type /reload). Everyone in the group needs to have Leatrix Plus installed with the 'Remove raid restrictons' option checked.

I'm experiencing issues with my chat frame.

  • The simplest way forward is to use the '/resetchat' command. This will reset the chat settings for the character that you are logged in with. The chat settings are saved by Wow (not Leatrix Plus) on a per character basis.

I'm experiencing issues with tooltips containing Cyrillic letters.

  • Download Cyrillic Fix and install it to your Wow folder (NOT your addons folder). Tooltips containing Cyrillic letters should then display correctly.

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