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Addon errors

The coordinates disappear while the world map is showing.
  • This is by design. When the map is being shown, coordinates will be temporarily hidden to prevent unwanted changes to the map.
The option to remove raid restrictions doesn't work.
  • The party leader needs to invite the low level characters to a party first and then convert the party to a raid. If the convert to raid option doesn't work, the whole group should do a UI reload (type /reload). Everyone in the group needs to have Leatrix Plus installed with the 'Remove raid restrictons' option checked.
I'm experiencing issues with my chat frame.
  • The simplest way forward is to use the /resetchat command. This will reset the chat settings for the character that you are logged in with. The chat settings are saved by Wow (not Leatrix Plus) on a per character basis.
Quest or gossip automation doesn't work with certain NPCs.
  • Quest and gossip automation is disabled for NPCs which have problems with either quest or gossip automation. If you see that quest or gossip automation causes issues with an NPC, please submit a ticket with the details. You can target the NPC and enter /ltp id to see it's NPC ID. It would be useful to include this in your ticket.
The tooltip disappears or shows only very briefly.
  • This is a bug in the game code (not Leatrix Plus) so it happens with the default UI too. However, the bug is very rare so you may never see it. If it happens to you, hover the pointer over the minimap elements to get the tooltip working again (or just reload your UI).
When logged into two Wow accounts (within the same account) simultaneously, the settings are not synchronised.
  • Leatrix Plus saves your configuration settings when you logout (or reload). As such, you should configure Leatrix Plus with only one account logged in, reload or logout to save the settings then login with the other account to apply the settings. If you are only making small changes to the settings, you can avoid the need to logout by making the same change on both logged-in accounts.
The 'Social' menu options that exclude guild members fail to exclude a specific guild member.
  • If the guild member has recently joined the guild, they may need to refresh the guild roster for the 'Social' menu options to work with them. They can do this by opening the guild window (default keybind is J) or by reloading their UI.
A Lua error is displayed.
  • One of your existing addons is probably preventing an option in Leatrix Plus from working as intended. Disable other addons and enable them gradually to find the offending addon then uninstall it. Alternatively, you can simply uncheck the conflicting option in Leatrix Plus. If you require support, submit a ticket (include the error details).

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