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Leatrix Plus


General Information

What is a blind repair?
  • After launching the game client, the guild funds amount is not known until you successfully repair or visit your guild bank. So a guild repair which is attempted prior to these events has to be done blindly (using guild funds first and then falling back on character funds). All addons (and even the default UI) suffer from this limitation.
I disabled the minimap button.  How can I access the options panel?
  • Enter /run leatrix() (in lower case, exactly as shown).
How can I set everything back to default?
  • Enter /run leatrix("wipe") (in lower case, exactly as shown).

I dragged the options panel off-screen accidentally.  How can I reset it's position?
  • Enter /run leatrix("reset") (in lower case, exactly as shown).
  • Why do most options require a UI reload to invoke?
    • So that options which you choose not to enable don't take up any resources or cause conflicts with other addons.
    Why not use Blizzard's addon panel?
    • Independent panels are better for stability. I think that they are easier and more convenient to use too.
    Can I update Leatrix Plus without restarting the game client?
    • Generally speaking, yes. Unless otherwise noted in the change log, you can just extract the updated files to the Leatrix Plus folder and reload your UI. 
    How do I keep Leatrix Plus updated?

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