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Leatrix Plus


General Information

Is Leatrix Plus available in languages other than English?
  • Leatrix Plus includes English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Russian (not currently updated) and Korean translations. Untranslated phrases will be shown in English until a translation is submitted. If you wish to help with translation, please submit a ticket.
I disabled the minimap button. How can I access the options panel?
  • If the 'Enable hotkey' option ('Settings' menu) is enabled, you can open Leatrix Plus using a designated hotkey (CTRL/SHIFT/L by default, you can change it in the configuration panel). Alternatively, you can enter /ltp.
How can I set everything back to default?
  • Enter /ltp wipe. The saved settings database will be deleted and your UI will be reloaded.
I dragged the options panel off-screen accidentally. How can I reset its position?
  • Enter /ltp reset. The panel position, scale and transparency will be reset.
Why do most options require a UI reload to invoke?
  • So that options which you choose not to enable don't take up any resources or cause conflicts with other addons.
Can I update Leatrix Plus without restarting the game client?
  • Generally speaking, yes. Unless otherwise noted in the change log, you can just install the update and reload your UI.
Is any part of Leatrix Plus against the terms of use for World of Warcraft?
  • Of course not. Leatrix Plus is an addon, it's not a third party program. Addons are compiled by the game and they run in a restricted environment so they can only do what Blizzard has expressly permitted them to do.
With 'Manage tooltip' enabled ('Interface' menu), is there any way to see the original tooltip for comparison purposes?
  • Yes. Hold down CTRL/SHIFT/ALT.
How do I copy text with the 'Recent chat window' option ('Chat' menu)?
  • Press CTRL/C to copy highlighted text to the Windows clipboard. You can then paste the text (for instance, in a document or website) using CTRL/V. To highlight text, either drag it with your mouse or hold SHIFT and press the arrow keys. Press CTRL/A to select all the text in the window. Press HOME or END to position the cursor at the beginning or end of a message.

Bugs and Feature Requests

How can I submit a bug report?
  • Before submitting a bug report, disable all other addons to see if the bug persists with only Leatrix Plus enabled. If it does persist, submit a ticket. Please include as much information as possible. It is very useful to include a list of your other addons and what your character was doing (activity and location) when the bug occured.
Why has a particular bug not been fixed?
  • Because it hasn't been reported. Submit a ticket to report it. Bugs are fixed within a few hours of being reported (often less). If you see a bug in the addon, don't assume that someone else has reported it. If they had, it would have been fixed already.
Can I suggest a new feature?
  • Yes, just submit a ticket with the details. You will receive a reply but it won't usually indicate whether a suggestion will be implemented or not.

Developer Information

I am a developer. Can I open Leatrix Plus from within my addon code?
  • Yes, just use SlashCmdList["Leatrix_Plus"](). If you want to pass a slash command parameter, enter it (in quotes) between the brackets, such as SlashCmdList["Leatrix_Plus"]("rest").
I am a developer. How can I configure Leatrix Plus from within my own addon?
  • Create a configuration button with a click handler in your addon code. The click handler should include the following code.

    -- Ensure Leatrix Plus does not replace LeaPlusDB on next reload
    -- Clear the settings database (optional but recommended)
    -- Configure the settings (add any settings you like here)
    LeaPlusDB["AutomateQuests"] = "On"
    -- Reload the UI to apply the settings

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