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General Information

What is a blind repair?
  • After launching the game client, the guild funds amount is not known until you successfully repair or visit your guild bank. So a guild repair which is attempted prior to these events has to be done blindly (using guild funds first and then falling back on character funds). All addons (and even the default UI) suffer from this limitation.
Why do most options require a UI reload to invoke?
  • So that options which you choose not to enable don't take up any resources or cause conflicts with other addons.
Why not use Blizzard's addon panel?
  • Independent panels are better for stability.  I think that they are easier and more convenient to use too.
Why not split the addon into many smaller addons?
  • Because there is no need to.  If you enable multiple options then you will benefit from code sharing.  If you enable only one or two options then you will benefit from the addon's modular design.
Can I update Leatrix Plus without restarting the game client?
  • Generally speaking, yes. Unless otherwise noted in the change log, you can just extract the updated files to the Leatrix Plus folder and reload your UI. 
Will you publish Leatrix Plus on another website (such as Curse)?
  • No. It's far easier for me to keep Leatrix Plus secure, up to date and error free if it's only hosted in one location. 
How do I keep Leatrix Plus updated?
Which addons do you use?
Is any part of Leatrix Plus against the terms of service?
  • Of course not.  Leatrix Plus has been available at (an official World of Warcraft fansite) since 2010 and Leatrix was awarded featured author status there in 2012.  Rest assured that Leatrix Plus abides fully with Blizzard's terms of use.

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