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Minimap Button

The minimap button allows you to perform various actions using a variety of click and key combinations. Here is a list of them.
  • Left-click - Toggles the options panel.
  • Right-click - Toggles error frame messages. If you are using the 'Hide error messages' option (text menu), right-clicking the minimap button will allow you to see error messages temporarily. The minimap button will be colored red while error messages are showing.
  • SHIFT and left-click - Toggles the in-game music setting. If you like to listen to the game music sometimes, but not all the time, this is for you.
  • SHIFT and right-click - Toggles the coordinates frame. If you are using the coordinates option (interface menu), hold down SHIFT and right-click the minimap button to toggle the coordinates frame. This is useful for conserving CPU power as the coordinates are not updated while hidden.
  • CTRL and left-click - Toggles the minimap target tracking feature. This is useful as it allows you to quickly activate target tracking when needed, such as when NPCscan fires an alert that a rare spawn is nearby. Click the NPCscan alert then activate target tracking to pinpoint the rare spawn.
  • CTRL and SHIFT and left-click - Toggles the Zygor addon state (if installed). Zygor is very useful but it has a massive resource footprint and can cause FPS drops, stuttering and tainting. Completely disabling the addon prevents these issues. Using this click modifier will reload your UI.
  • CTRL and SHIFT and right-click - Toggles between windowed-maximised and windowed non-maximised video modes. This is useful for people who like to switch between modes regularly. True fullscreen mode is not supported.

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