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Leatrix Sounds


General Information

Is this a replacement for the media player in Leatrix Plus?
  • No. The media player in Leatrix Plus features specific, categorised music and is ideal for listening to your favorite music tracks (as well as discovering new ones) while playing the game. Movies are also included. By contrast, Leatrix Sounds lets you play any sound in the game and it's powerful search capability makes it relatively easy to find the sounds that you are looking for without needing to trawl website databases.
Dialog sounds are silent.
  • Sounds typically play through the master sound channel so will be audible regardless of whether sound effects are enabled or not. However, some sounds (such as the voice-over sounds) play through the dialog channel so will only be audible if dialog sound is enabled and dialog volume is at an audible level.
When I click some sounds multiple times, different sounds play.
  • The sounds are actually sound kits, not sound files. A sound kit is a container for one or more sound files. Example, all the emote silly sound files for gnome female are grouped together in a single sound kit. Clicking the sound kit in Leatrix Sounds will play any of the sound files inside it.
Is every single game sound really included?
  • Yes. The sound list was extracted from the game files and imported directly into the addon with only formatting changes made to the code. It's in Leatrix_Sounds_Sounds.lua.
How many sounds are in the addon?
  • As of Leatrix Sounds 8.1.00, there are 114,055 sound kits in the addon. Each sound kit may be comprised of one or more sound files so the number of sounds that the addon can play is actually much more than that.
Will the sound list be updated?
  • Currently, the plan is to update the sound list with each major patch (such as 8.1, 8.2, etc).
Is any part of Leatrix Sounds against the terms of use for World of Warcraft?
  • Of course not. Addons are compiled by the game and they run in a restricted environment so they can only do what Blizzard has expressly permitted them to do.


There are too many updates.
  • Then don't install alpha releases as they really aren't necessary. If you are using Twitch app, make sure it's set to 'Release' and not 'Alpha'. To do that, open Twitch App, click the Mods tab at the top, click World of Warcraft, under 'My Addons' right-click 'Leatrix Sounds' and set 'Release Type' to 'Release'.
Can I update Leatrix Sounds without restarting the game client?
  • Yes. Just update the addon and reload your UI. On the rare occasion that a game client restart is required, the addon will not run and a message will be shown in chat advising you to restart your game client.

Bugs and Feature Requests

How can I submit a bug report?
  • Before submitting a bug report, disable all other addons to see if the bug persists with only Leatrix Sounds enabled. If it does persist, submit a ticket. Please include as much information as possible. It is very useful to include a list of your other addons.
Why has a particular bug not been fixed?
  • Because it hasn't been reported. Submit a ticket to report it. Bugs are fixed within a few hours of being reported (often less). If you see a bug in the addon, don't assume that someone else has reported it. If they had, it would have been fixed already.
Can I suggest a new feature?
  • Yes, just submit a ticket with the details. Note that suggestions will typically not receive a reply.

Developer Information

I am a developer. Can I open Leatrix Sounds from within my addon code?
  • Yes, just use SlashCmdList["Leatrix_Sounds"]("").

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