Official website of Leatrix addons for World of Warcraft including Leatrix Plus, Leatrix Maps and Leatrix Sounds.

World of Warcraft

All Leatrix addons have versions available for Dragonflight, Wrath of the Lich King Classic and Classic Era.  Note that each version is a separate download.

Leatrix Plus
The ultimate modular quality of life addon.

Leatrix Maps
The ultimate map enhancements addon.

Leatrix Sounds
The ultimate searchable sound file browser.


For support and feedback, enter the addon name, the game name, the expansion name and your message in an email.


Use CurseForge App to keep Leatrix addons up-to-date.  There is now a standalone version for those that don't wish to install Overwolf.


Leatrix addons for World of Warcraft have been available on CurseForge since 2015 accumulating more than 74 million downloads from players around the world.


Leatrix Latency Fix
No longer supported.