Leatrix Plus

My free Wow addon called Leatrix Plus.


Download Leatrix Plus for Dragonflight and The War Within (including WoW Remix) 

Download Leatrix Plus for Cataclysm Classic

Download Leatrix Plus for Classic Era (including Hardcore and Season of Discovery)


When you contact me, include the game version that you are playing (such as The War Within or Cataclysm Classic) otherwise I might not be able to solve your query.  To contact me, send me an email.

Feature List

Leatrix Plus includes a ton of features and all of them are listed below.  Leatrix Plus for World of Warcraft Classic has some additional features and you can find these at the end of the listing.

Leatrix Plus is completely modular in design.  This means that code for any specific setting is only run if that setting is enabled.  If you don't enable a setting, code for that setting is not run.

In this way, Leatrix Plus can avoid conflicts with other addons.  For example - the Enhance minimap setting will completely replace your minimap.  But you may have an existing minimap addon already.  If you would prefer to keep using your existing addon, just don't enable Enhance minimap and the code for that setting won't even be run.

Leatrix Plus is great for performance.  All the code is in a single Lua file with only a few essential libraries usedEverything else is native code giving you a lot of UI customisation in a single, small addon.


Automate quests

Automatically accept and turn in quests.  Quests which have a gold, currency, crafting reagent or Blizzard account-bound item requirement or which feature a skip content option are not automated.  You can choose to accept any combination of regular, daily and weekly quests.

Automate gossip

Hold alt to select gossip automatically.  Some common gossip windows are automated without alt (such as merchants and battlegrounds).

Accept summon

Automatically accept summon requests after a 10 second warning.

Accept resurrection

Automatically accept resurrection requests with a setting to exclude combat resurrection.

Release in PvP

Automatically release in battlegrounds with exclusion settings for longer battlegrounds and an optional delay slider.

Sell junk automatically

Automatically sell junk items when you visit a merchant.  Unlike many sell junk addons, Leatrix Plus sells every junk item in your bags in one sale.  No need to open the vendor multiple times.  You can exclude specific items from being sold and include specific white items to be sold if you like.  You can exclude transmogable grey items that you haven't collected the appearance of yet, or exclude them all so you can sell them in the auction house.

Repair automatically

Automatically repair your gear when you visit a suitable merchant along with a setting to use guild funds.


For all of the social menu settings below, friends refers to people on your friends list.  However, if you wish, you can define friends as including guild members and community members too using the settings in the social menu.

Block duels

Automatically block duels from players who are not friends.

Block pet battle duels

Automatically block pet battle duels from players who are not friends.

Block party invites

Automatically block group invites from players who are not friends.

Block friend requests

Automatically block BattleTag and Real ID friend requests.

Block shared quests

Automatically block shared quests from players who are not friends.

Party from friends

Automatically accept group invites from friends.

Sync from friends

Automatically accept party sync requests from friends.

Queue from friends

Automatically accept Dungeon Finder queue requests from friends.

Invite from whispers

Automatically send a group invite to anyone who whispers you with a keyword of your choice (with an optional setting to restrict it to friends only).


Use easy resizing

Resize the chat frame upwards simply by dragging the chat tab.  Useful for checking recent chat quickly.

Hide the combat log

Without the combat log tab, there is more room for chat windows in your chat frame.  You probably never use the combat log anyway.

Hide chat buttons

Keep your chat frame free of clutter by hiding the chat buttons (with a setting to show voice chat and menu buttons if required).

Hide social button

If you don't want to see the social button, you can hide it along with the quick-join notification.

Move editbox to top

If your chat editbox is too low, move it to underneath the chat tab.

More font sizes

Increase the number of font sizes available.

Disable sticky chat

Prevent chat from remembering your last chat channel.

Use arrow keys in chat

If you want to traverse the editbox, just use the arrow keys.

Disable chat fade

Prevent chat from fading after a time period.

Universal group color

Keep raid and party chat the same color.

Recent chat window

Open the last 128 chat messages in a copy-friendly window.  Useful for copy and pasting website links.  Supports full color text including Battle.net messages.

Increase chat history

Increase chat history from 128 lines to 4096 lines.

Filter chat messages

Block spell interrupt spam.  Also block duel spam and drunken spam unless it applies to your character.

Restore chat messages

When you reload your UI, your recent chat messages will be restored so you can continue chatting from where you left off.


Hide error messages

Hide red error text shown in the error frame (such as not enough rage) with a filter to exclude a few important messages (such as bags are full).

Hide portrait numbers

Hide the damage and healing numbers shown in the portrait and pet frames.

Hide zone text

Hide the area names that normally show when you change area.

Hide keybind text

Hide keybind text shown on action buttons.

Hide macro text

Hide macro text shown on action buttons.

Resize mail text

Resize the font used for mail.

Resize quest text

Resize the font used for quest detail text.


Enhance minimap

A complete minimap replacement built into Leatrix Plus.  You can have a square map, hide or combine all addon buttons (with an exclude option for addons that you want to remain visible), resize the minimap, show who pinged and more.

Enhance tooltip

A complete tooltip replacement built into Leatrix Plus.  The tooltip will be color-coded making it easier to read, you can rescale it, show the unit's target, anchor the tooltip to the cursor (with offset support) and tint the backdrop color based on faction.

Enhance dressup

Lots of new features for the dressup frame.  You can make the transmogrify preview much bigger, show slot toggle buttons to make dressing up easier, show your target, show your target's outfit on you, show your outfit on your target and see the dressup model in one of 32 available animations.

Show volume slider

Show a handy volume slider in one of two places in the character frame so that you can change your game volume easily.  All slider controls in Leatrix Plus support mousewheel for fine-level control.

Show cooldowns

Show up to five beneficial cooldown icons above the player or target frame.  If you want to see when a buff is about to expire, you can enter up to 5 spell IDs (per class and specialisation) to see the spell cooldowns above the player or target frame.

Show durability status

Show an itemised and color-coded summary of your armor's durability in the character frame.  Also shows an overall percentage of durability when your character dies.

Show pet save button

The pet save button lets you save your current pet team (including pet abilities) to a single command.  You can save these commands in a text file so that you can paste in one command to populate your pet team and have all your favorite abilities ready to use.

Show raid button

For large raids, the raid frame can take up a lot of screen space so you may not want it to be visible all the time.  The raid button lets you toggle the raid frame on and off as you wish without having to open the raid management frame.

Show train all button

This adds a button to the tradeskill trainer frame which will allow you to train all available skills instantly.

Show borders

You can add customisable borders to any edge of the screen.  You can change the size of the borders and the transparency.  The borders appear on top of the game world but under the UI so you can place UI elements over them.

Show player chain

Make your player frame more interesting and personal by showing a special chain around it.

Show ready timer

Adds a timer bar to the dungeon ready frame and the PvP encounter ready frame so you can see how long you have left to click the enter button.

Show Wowhead links

You can show Wowhead links in the quest log and achievements frame so if you are stuck on a quest or an achievement, hover your pointer over the link, press CTRL/C and paste the link into your web browser.  Optionally, you can have the links jump directly to the Wowhead comments section too which can be really useful as the information you need is probably one of the highest rated comments.


Manage various frames

Under the Frames menu, you can position and scale various UI frames.

Class colored frames

The player, target and focus frames will have a class-colored background.

Hide alerts

You can hide all the alerts that popup such as achievement alerts, profession alerts, pet battle reward alerts, etc.

Hide bodyguard gossip

This setting stops the gossip frame from appearing when you right-click an active garrison bodyguard (it will still show for bodyguards you are not currently controlling).  You can hold shift to override it.

Hide talking frame

The talking frame normally shows when an NPC is talking to you.  Some people like it for role-playing but if you're not one of them, this setting lets you hide it.

Hide clean-up buttons

Clean-up buttons are used to sort your bags for you.  But some people prefer to sort their own bags and find that the buttons just get in the way and can be accidentally clicked.  This setting lets you hide them.

Hide boss banner

The boss banner normally appears when you have killed a boss.  It shows the name of the boss and the loot that was distributed.  If you don't care about such information, you can hide the banner.

Hide event toasts

Event toasts include the level-up display and pet battle rewards.  When you level-up and a banner displays congratulating you on your new level and showing you new spells that are available, that's an event toast.  Event toasts are also used in dungeons to show you the dungeon objectives.  This setting hides all event toasts except the level summaries and final completion toast in Torghast.  It doesn't hide those because they are important but it hides all the others.

Hide stance bar

This will hide the stance bar - also known as the class bar or shapeshift bar depending on your class.

Hide order hall bar

This will hide the bar that appears at the top of the screen when you enter a class order hall.


Disable screen glow

Wow adds a screen glow effect to make the world look brighter.  For some people, it's too bright and creates feelings of nausea.  With this setting, you can remove the screen glow.  As a nice bonus, removing the screen glow also removes the drunken haze effect.

Disable screen effects

Similar to the screen glow, screen effects include the grey screen of death, invisibility spells and the Cloak of Ven'ari effect.

Set weather density

Playing in the rain might not be so much fun for you.  With this setting, you can reduce the intensity of weather effects or disable weather completely.

Max camera zoom

You can only zoom out from your character to a set distance.  This setting increases that distance so you can zoom out much further.  This is very useful (possibly even essential) for certain boss encounters where you need to see everything around you.

Silence rested emotes

With this setting, emote sounds are silenced while your character is resting.  This setting also silences emotes when you are in a pet battle and various other places where the emote sounds might be unwanted.

Keep audio synced

With this setting, when you change the audio output device in your operating system (such as switching from speakers to wireless headphones), Wow will change the audio output device too so you don't need to change it manually.

Mute game sounds

You can mute a wide variety of game sounds such as trains, worgen sniffing, football (very useful to silence trolls), spell fizzle, toys, pets and there's even a setting to mute the character wailing that you normally hear during combat.

Mute mount sounds

You can mute mount sounds based on their category.  Categories include dragonriding, gyrocopters, rockets, unicorns, bikes, and many more.  You can also mute the speech from mount vendors.

Mute custom sounds

You can mute any sound in the game.  Just tell it what sounds you want muted and they will be silenced forever.  You can give each sound a description too.  Use Leatrix Sounds to find sounds that you want to mute.

Disable pet automation

When you drag a battle pet into the first battle pet slot, the game automatically summons that pet.  This may be unwanted as you may have simply been trying to arrange your team for an imminent battle.  So this setting dismisses the pet that the game automatically summons (if you are in combat, the pet will be dismissed as soon as combat ends).  You can still summon pets manually and they won't be automatically dismissed.

Remove raid restrictions

By default, the game does not allow you to convert a party group  to a raid group if there are low level characters (under level 10) in the group.  If everyone in the group has Leatrix Plus installed with this setting enabled, you can convert a party group to a raid group regardless of the character levels in the group.  If you want a raid consisting of a level 60 and a level 1, you can do that.

Disable loot warnings

When you choose a loot roll option or attempt to sell or mail certain items, you might get a confirmation prompt.  If you don't need to see the confirmation, this setting lets you skip it.  This is very useful for removing the loot popup when fishing.  Never miss a rare fish again!

Faster auto loot

Did you know that looting in World of Warcraft is intentionally slowed down so that the game can show you the looting window with individual items being picked up one at a time?  If you just want to loot everything as fast as possible, this setting is for you.  It really makes a lot of difference and it even works with TSM Destroy.

Faster movie skip

This lets you skip cinematics without being asked for a confirmation.  Very useful as those confirmations are completely unnecessary and can sometimes cause problems with the cinematic frame.

Combat plates

This will toggle enemy nameplates automatically when you enter and leave combat.

Easy item destroy

Shows a link for every single item you try to delete regardless of quality and removes the need to type a delete confirmation word.

Lockout sharing

There is a setting in the game options panel that lets you only show achievement points to others that your character has earned directly.  But this setting is only saved per-character.  Some people want this setting enabled immediately after creating a new character and have it enabled for every character that they login with.  This setting lets you do that.

Remove transforms

Do you wish you were immune to Jack-o'-Lantern, Hallowed Wand, Witch, Turkey and Spraybot transformations?  Now you can choose which unwanted transforms you want to be immune to.  More transforms will be added over time.


Show web link

You can set a keybind to show a web link for whatever your pointer is over (so long as it has a tooltip) such as an item in your bag, a spell, a talent, another character, etc. 

You can also set keybinds to toggle any Leatrix addon.  Just open the key bindings panel to set them (accessible from the game menu).

Announce rare

You can set a keybind to show your target information (target name, health remaining and map link/coordinates) in the General chat channel.  This is very useful for announcing rares.

Mount special

You can set a keybind for /mountspecial.


Leatrix Plus includes a built-in media player featuring thousands of music tracks and movies categorised by zone and dungeon.  Supports continuous play, random play and search.  You can press CTRL/S to toggle sound effects if you want to listen to the media player without any background noise.


Leatrix Plus for Cataclysm Classic and Classic Era includes some additional settings.

Resize book text

When you open a book in Wow Classic, if you want the text to be bigger, this setting lets you make it bigger.

Enhance quest log

For Cataclysm Classic, the quest log will show quest levels.  For Classic Era, the quest log will be double-wide and taller too.

Enhance professions

The professions frame will be double-wide and taller making it much easier to use.

Enhance trainers

The class trainers frame will be double-wide and taller making it much easier to use.

Enhance flight map

Customise the flight map to make it easier to use.

Show auction controls

Buyout mode and gold only mode checkboxes will be added to the auction house frame and you will be able to see what others are selling the same item for without having to manually search for it (similar to retail).  The auction duration setting will be saved account-wide too.

Show vanity controls

With this setting, a helm and cloak checkbox will be shown in one of two places in the character frame so that you can equip/unequip either easily.

Show bag search box

This setting adds the bag search box from retail.  Very useful for searching your bags and lets you search bank bags too.

Show free bag slots

Show the number of free bag slots available just like in retail.

Show druid power bar

When you login as a druid, a mana bar will be shown below the player frame so that you can see your mana even while shapeshifted.

Show flight times

Shows a flight progress bar when you take a flight.  Supports almost every flight route even if your character hasn't unlocked all the flight points yet.

Hide gryphons

If you use the default acion bars, this will hide the gryphons that normally show either side of the main bar.

Enable viewport

In Leatrix Plus for retail, you can show customisable borders around the screen.  With Classic, you can resize the screen to fit between the borders too (creating a so-called viewport).

Disable bag automation

This setting stops your bags from opening and closing automatically when you visit a merchant or bank.

Show character addons

By default, the built-in addons frame shows addons enabled for your entire account.  This isn't very useful so with this setting, it will show addons enabled for your character instead.

Dismount me

While the game does dismount your character automatically for certain activities, this setting lets you set some additional rules for automatic dismounting.  Also supports druid and shaman forms.

Show vendor price

Shows the vendor price in item tooltips just like retail.