Leatrix Maps

My free Wow addon called Leatrix Maps.


Download Leatrix Maps for Dragonflight and The War Within (including WoW Remix)

Download Leatrix Maps for Cataclysm Classic

Download Leatrix Maps for Classic Era (including Hardcore and Season of Discovery)


When you contact me, include the game version that you are playing (such as The War Within or Cataclysm Classic) otherwise I might not be able to solve your query.  To contact me, send me an email.

Feature List

Leatrix Maps features powerful enhancements to improve the world map.  Leatrix Maps for World of Warcraft Classic has some additional features and you can find these at the end of the listing.

Leatrix Maps is great for performance.  All the code is in a single Lua file with the only library used being for the minimap button (to make it compatible with minimap addons).  Everything else is native code in a single file giving you a lot of world map customisation in a single, small addon.


Remove map border

Removes the border from the map to give it a cleaner, classic look.


Remember zoom level

You are travelling in the open world.  You open the map to see where you are.  The roads are narrow so you zoom in.  You close the map to see where you are going but when you open the map again, your zoom setting has been reset.  This can be very frustrating.  Fortunately, this setting stops the zoom level from resetting.  When you open the map, if the zone is still the same as when you last closed the map, the zoom setting will be the same also.

Increase zoom level

If the game default zoom range isn't enough for you, this setting lets you increase the maximum zoom level all the way up to 600%.

Center map on player

You like to have a zoomed-in map centered on your character.  But when you travel around, you need to drag the map repeatedly to keep it centered on you.  Not anymore.  This setting will keep the map centered on you regardless of whether you are zooming in or travelling around.


Unlock map frame

With this setting enabled, you can move the map, make it sticky (so it doesn't close with the escape key) and change the map frame size (both the windowed and maximised maps have separate size settings).

Use default map

It may be that you want to have some features of Leatrix Maps (such as showing unexplored areas and increasing the zoom level) but you want to use the default game map with the black borders.  If so, this setting is for you.


Show unexplored areas

Do you like the fog of war?  If not, this setting reveals the entire map.  You can also see unexplored areas in a different color if you wish to make it easier to see which areas you haven't explored.

Show coordinates

Nice and simple.  Adds player and cursor coordinates to the bottom of the world map frame.  Note that coordinates don't work inside dungeons as the game API doesn't allow it.

Hide town and city icons

If you don't like map clutter, this setting will hide the town and city icons shown on the continent maps.


Enhance battlefield map

This setting features lots of customisation for the battlefield map.  You can unlock the battlefield map frame (the default UI does allow this but it's clunky), center the battlefield map on the player, change the size of the player arrow and group icons, change the battlefield map size (up to 400%), change the battlefield map opacity and increase the maximum zoom level (all the way up to 600%).

Disable map fade

With this setting, the map won't fade while your character is moving.

Disable reading emote

When you open the map, your character does the reading emote.  This is cute but what if you are in a dungeon and you don't want others to know that you're lost?  By disabling the reading emote, nobody will ever know you're looking at the map.

Show minimap button

Shows a LibDBIcon minimap button so that you can open Leatrix Maps easily.


Leatrix Maps for Wow Classic has some additional settings.

Set map opacity

With this setting, you can change the map opacity.  There are two slider controls - one for when your character is stationary and one for when your character is moving.  You can also choose to show the stationary opacity while the pointer is over the map (just like in retail).

Enlarge player arrow

This setting lets you increase the size of the player arrow (up to 400%).

Class colored icons

The Classic map only shows tiny, mono dots for other players.  With this setting, other players are shown with class icons just like in retail.  You can also change the size of the icons (up to 400%).

Auto change zones

If the map is open when your character changes zones, it won't automatically show the new zone until you close the map and open it again.  If you want to change that, this setting is for you.

Show points of interest

You can show dungeons and raids, travel points for same faction (this includes flight points, boat harbors, zeppelin towers and tram stations), travel points for the opposing faction, spirit healers and zone crossings (these are clickable arrows that indicate zone exit pathways).

Zone map

You can choose to show the zone map all the time, only when you're in battlegrounds or never.