Leatrix Sounds

A complete and regularly updated sound browser that lets you find and play any sound file or sound kit in Shadowlands, Burning Crusade Classic and Classic Era/SoM.


Download Leatrix Sounds for Shadowlands

Download Leatrix Sounds for Burning Crusade Classic

Download Leatrix Sounds for Classic Era/SoM

Wrath Classic

Leatrix Sounds is now available for Wrath Classic. In CurseForge App, right-click Leatrix Sounds in your Wrath addon listing and change the release type to alpha. Keep it as alpha until Wrath launches for everyone. After that, you can change it back to release or keep it as alpha.


Leatrix Sounds will be available for Dragonflight probably around September/October 2022.


For support and feedback, enter the addon name, game expansion and your message in an email. Don't forget to include the addon name and game expansion.


Use CurseForge App to keep Leatrix addons up-to-date. There is now a standalone version (currently in alpha) for those that don't wish to install Overwolf.


Leatrix addons are available on GitHub.

Feature List

Leatrix Sounds is an easy-to-use sound browser.

To open Leatrix Sounds, type /lts.

You will see a list of sound files or sound kits (more on what sound kits are further down). Leatrix Sounds supports both. To change the listing between sound files and sound kits, use the dropdown menu. If you only want to listen to music, or only sound effects, you can do that too using the checkboxes.

To play a track, just click it. While a track is selected, you can press W and S to play the previous or next track, E to replay the current track or Q to stop playback. By using the keys, you can very quickly traverse a lot of sounds so if you're looking for a particular sound, using the keys is the best way to do it.

What are sound kits?

A sound kit is a container for sound files with some attributes applied to it. Think of it as being like a zip file.

Sound files are really simple - you click a sound file and the game plays that sound file. But if you click a sound kit, the game will play one of the files inside the sound kit. This is why, if you click a sound kit multiple times, you may hear a different sound file being played every time you click. The game is just cycling through the sound files in the sound kit.

While sound files are typically used by everyone, sound kits are mostly used by addon developers. It's important to note that Blizzard removed sound kit names in patch 8.3.0 so all of the sound kits added to the game since then are listed in Leatrix Sounds as Unknown.

Searching for a sound file or sound kit

You can enter up to 10 keywords in the search criteria. The words can be in any order. If you want to exclude a particular word from search results, prefix the word with an exclamation mark (!).

For example, you might search for 'gnome male'. That will show you all the tracks with the word 'gnome' and the word 'male' in the name. However, the word 'male' is also part of the word 'female'. So what if you don't want 'gnome female' sounds to be included? Just add !female (prefixed with an exclamation mark) so your search becomes 'gnome male !female' (which means 'gnome male not female').

Sound file and sound kit IDs

Both sound files and sound kits are shown as a filename or sound kit name followed by a hash (#) and then a number. The number is the sound file ID or the sound kit ID. If you are using Leatrix Sounds to find sound file IDs that you can mute in another addon, choose Sound Files in the dropdown menu and the number after the hash symbol will be the sound file ID that you need.

Printing track names

You can hold shift and left-click a track to print the track name in chat. If you right-click instead, the track will be added to the chat editbox.

Similarly, you can hold control and left-click to print a WoW.tools link to the track in chat. Or you can right-click to add the WoW.tools link to the chat editbox.

Volume controls

Though the media player in Leatrix Plus is easier to use for listening to zone music, you can use Leatrix Sounds for that too. And just as with Leatrix Plus, you can press CTRL/S to mute game sound effects so that you can listen to Leatrix Sounds in peace.

When you click a sound kit to play it back, the dialog volume will be set to maximum. This is because many sound kits (not all) are played back through the dialog channel so if the dialog channel isn't audible, you won't hear anything. When you click a sound file, the dialog volume is not adjusted because sound files don't use the dialog channel.


Leatrix Sounds is updated regularly (mostly every week) to include the latest sounds that Blizzard has added to the game. The help button tooltip in the addon panel shows the game versions of the various sound tables that Leatrix Sounds uses.